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  • Internal adaptations to a home for a wheelchair dependent individual

Internal adaptations to a home for a wheelchair dependent individual

Our client, MK, is in his 50’s and is wheelchair dependent. He is supported at home by family member and a team of carers.

This project involves adaptations to an existing bungalow to provide accommodation for our Client’s 24-hour care team and specialist equipment to meet his day-to-day needs.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
In Progress
Key Build Features:
Carers accommodation
Single Storey
Therapy room
Wheelchair accessible


Our brief was to consider a property that had historically been adapted, but was looking tired with age related defects. We were tasked with revamping the home through a period of modernisation, as well as adapting the bungalow to make it more inclusive of our Client’s needs, this includes level access to the property and to the garden area, and a large specialist bedroom with connected specialist wet room. There will be ample storage for all MK’s specialist equipment and a decked area to view both the garden and long distance views of parkland. A large, open plan living area will be created to encourage greater social inclusion and allow MK to spend time with family and friends. Separate carers accommodation will provide MK with privacy and the dignity they require.

What we did

We were initially approached to undertake property finding services, as the Client and their support team were finding it difficult to source a suitable home within the ideal location. F+A became involved and found a number of different property options, moving quickly to secure a home and to avoid disappointment. All properties put forward were in budget. The present property was preferred by the Client due to its key location and proximity to family, its relative low maintenance and long distance views over parkland, along with offering a “blank canvas” given its requirement for modernisation, to allow the Client to create the home they so desperately sought.

Following this, F+A were instructed to oversee the design and management of the construction phase of the works, with a view to managing all matters relating to the property until complete, for the Client to move in. F+A have applied for planning consent for a raised patio and ramped area, along with a modest sized extension to accommodate shorftfalls in space for specialist bedroom accommodation.  

We have produced technical drawings to meet Building Regulation requirements, and with a view to tendering the project shortly. It is hoped the works will commence onsite in early 2022.

Accessibility features

+        Specialist bedroom with hoist and track system

+        Specialist wetroom

+        Carers Accommodation

+        Therapy and Activity space

+        Level access to the garden and main entrance

+        Wheelchair Accessible

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