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Adapted home for a client living with a severe brain injury.

LC was riding as a pillion passenger on a motorbike when she was involved in a road traffic accident in 2014.

She sustained a severe brain injury which required intensive care treatment and a prolonged hospital stay. The severity of her injuries meant she had to relearn how to walk, talk and feed herself. 

To enable a safe transition home, she required an adapted home for herself and her adult children to allow her to live as independently as possible.


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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
Adaptation + Extension
Key Build Features:
Wheelchair accessible


France + Associates were approached to help with the purchase and adaptation of new suitable accommodation for LC and her adult children, whom she relies on for care and assistance. 

LC (who is in her 50’s) has difficulties walking and uses sticks both inside and outside. She has poor unsteady balance and has a history of falling in the home, having particular difficulty with stairs. 

In addition to the restrictions to her mobility, she has impaired memory and other brain functions, such as decision making, concentration and speech. Her short-term memory is very poor, and she has difficulties recalling conversations and misplaces things. 

Whilst she is unable to work, she does some volunteer work for Elderly Aid and, with the support of her children, lives as independently as possible.

The property needed to have flat access; ground floor accommodation; be in the Headingley area; and located on a bus route to enable Linda to visit her mum, who lives close by.

What we did

Together with the support of her Occupational Therapist and Case Manager, a suitable 3-bedroom bungalow was found close to clients desired location. We drew up plans to create a wet room from one of the downstairs bedrooms to provide Linda with downstairs living and sleeping accommodation, enabling the upstairs attic bedroom and en suite to be occupied by her adult son. 

Inside the property already benefitted from an open plan kitchen and lounge. Originally there was steep stepped access to the property, but changes were made to lower the steps and add railings. 

The garage was also converted into a gym to assist the client with her rehabilitation and fitness regime. The gym includes equipment such as treadmill and stepper. There is even a small anteroom which can be used for hobbies and crafting. 

The back garden was landscaped, and new fencing was added to make it usable and safe. 

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“Jonathan was absolutely brilliant; he is very easy to talk to. I’d heard good things about France + Associates from other people and liked the fact that they are a family-run business. They listened carefully to my ideas and liaised with my Occupational Therapist and Case Manager to understand everything I needed from the property. My house is perfect!”

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