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A project which has already received national accolades for “Excellence in Architectural Technology” has been submitted for the LABC awards for the East Midlands region.

The project responds to the clients demand for a contemporary building within its setting and area, contributing to amenity. The clients requirements of the home being inclusive of her needs for a partially sighted person, and the family members she lives with, has been met with fantastic client satisfaction. As the client is likely to remain at home more than other homeowners, due to both circumstances and the running of a business from home, the building was also designed and constructed to accommodate potentially large energy consumption running costs, and is therefore highly insulated.

The dwelling incorporates a modern design within a traditional Edwardian street scene. The dwelling features contemporary use of hardwearing and low maintenance materials, yet reflects design principles of both surrounding buildings, and the original dwelling it replaces.

This was achieved using a mix of modern and traditional materials, and making use of colour changes and design details to highlight key building features.

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