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Getting to know you.... This week, we introduce our Architectural Technologist, Dannii Humphries

Your Name & job title:

I’m Dannii and I am a newly qualified Architectural Technologist.

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at France + Associates, what would it be?

‘The Generalist’ as I am learning everything about being an Architectural Technologist currently and enjoy taking on additional tasks/ immersing myself in the team culture. No two days are the same at F+A!

What 3 words best sum you up?

Bubbly, compassionate & determined

Tell us about the best experience you’ve had with a client.

Having the client’s trust to take a house and make it into their home is a great honour- everyone deserves to be safe and comfortable in their home and making it beautiful and bespoke is the cherry on top! I cannot help becoming totally invested with each job and each client working at F+A, as I know that all the hard work is life changing to them and their family.

What do you enjoy doing out of work?

  • Hiking with my dogs and family/friends
  • Watching sport (especially golf, F1 racing and American football)
  • Visiting the theatre- if I had time I would be part of my local AmDram club
  • Learning new crafty skills (upholstering furniture is my favourite)
  • I’m planning on buying a fixer upper camper van so that I can go away for weekends with the dogs and travel further afield

Name your favourite thing about Yorkshire?

Having lived in many locations across the breadth of the UK, I can categorically state that living in Yorkshire is the best place I have lived. Driving 5-10 minutes and walking on the nearby moors and around reservoirs makes me happiest. The landscape makes up for the soaking sideways rain during the winter!

If you were Secretary of State for housing, what accessible feature would you make compulsory in all homes?

A realistic accessible feature would be a ground floor WC/ cloakroom in all homes. So many historical homes do not have a ground floor WC which impacts every person living/ visiting the dwelling. Whether designing for disability, long term health condition, acute injury (i.e. a broken leg) or aging population, everyone would benefit from access to a ground floor WC.

It is also worth mentioning that it would also be ideal to have level access from the driveway, path or street going into a home. The majority of homes do not have this basic accessible feature.

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