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Home is Where the Heart Is.

France and Associates provide a national service, but our hearts are in Huddersfield, which is why supporting local charities means a lot to us.

With a lot of our work committed to improving homes for children and vulnerable adults, we have seen first hand how simple home adaptations can improve the daily lives of the person, their family and their carers.  

This has taught us the immense effort the families and carers make to create a happy home environment.

The Forget Me Not Children's Hospice provides all the help and support needed to help mums be mums and dads be dads, all while enjoying quality time with their young one and their siblings.

Russell House is an excellent example of inclusive design being friendly and feeling like home, along with providing the essential requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

We are proud as a company to continue to support a charity, even if our contribution is a fraction of the £3.8M it takes to run the respite and care, which is almost entirely supported voluntary contributions.

The 99ers club enables you to contribute as little as 99p per day. So what's stopping you?

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