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The Role of a Court of Protection Deputy

When a person lacks capacity to make decisions on financial and welfare matters, the Court of Protection can step in and appoint a ‘Deputy’ to help make important decisions on their behalf. In cases that involve large sums of money such as personal injury or clinical negligence claims, a professional deputy will be appointed.  In these instances, claims often cover the cost of adapting a person’s current home or help cover the purchase and adaptation of a new property.

In this article, we discuss some of the ways France+Associates support Court of Protection Deputies as they deal with building projects on behalf of a client.

Architectural solutions for people with life changing injuries

France+Associates specialise in inclusive design and offer substantial practical experience and specialist knowledge in designing homes for people living with disabilities. Our reputation for quality means we are regularly instructed directly by solicitors who are acting on behalf of a claimant or defendant and are frequently instructed to assist the Deputy and their team on property matters.  

As an approachable and friendly team, we work closely with litigation solicitors and Deputies to support the client and their family in designing the most suitable home that best meets their needs.

Once instructed, we meet with clients, their family and care providers to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges they are facing. Medical, care and therapy reports are carefully considered by our team to determine the adaptations required. In some cases, a client may only require minor adaptations such as stair lifts or wheelchair access into their current home. However, in more severe cases, extensive adaptations may be required, or if the home is deemed unsuitable a new property may need to be found that then requires a substantial amount of adaptations.

Property search

When a new property is required, our team will help in identifying properties suitable for adaptation. Our excellent network of agents and property developers keep us up to date with recent market changes, which allows us to streamline our property search. We take the time to undertake research within the desired locality and identify properties that suit the needs and lifestyle of the entire family.

Once a property has been identified, we will prepare a detailed Suitability Report that considers that adaptations needed to the property, as well as any risk related to planning and other statutory requirements. In many cases, planning permission may be required, and we are able to make planning applications on the behalf of the deputy.

Future proofed homes

It is vital during the design process of an adapted home, that a Deputy provides an accurate picture of what a person’s immediate needs are, along with what they may require in the future.  

Our extensive experience means that our designs meet not only the immediate needs of the client, but also anticipate potential future requirements and adaptations. By including these into the overall design, we reduce the need for further adaptations or maintenance issues further down the line that may not be approved by the Court at a later date or potentially need private funding to complete.

During the design process, we will provide architectural drawings, plans, 3D models and videos, to create the most realistic representation of a building possible. This unique perspective gives clients and their family the opportunity to see the quality of the design, space and specialist equipment before the home is even built. It also enables the Deputy to provide an accurate quote for the work to be undertaken. This service also reduces the need to make any changes to the design, which takes time, incurs additional costs and can cause unnecessary disputes.

Project Manage

Having demonstrated our expertise through the design of innovative, accessible homes we have become a trusted partner within this sector and are regularly instructed by some of the UK’s leading injury lawyers.

We work collaboratively with everyone involved in the design and build process and are happy to manage the construction efficiently and professionally, ensuring it is delivered within budget and completed within a timely manner. Only recently, our team worked swiftly to ensure a home was completed two weeks ahead of schedule to allow a client with a severe brain injury and his wife to move in before lockdown. Read the article here.

Client Care

We are passionate about designing accessible homes that do not compromise on style. And although we do not specialise in interiors, we are happy to provide assistance and advise clients and their families on furnishings and finishes. Our team are also happy to visit showrooms and supplier’s fairs to help the client and their family select items and specialist equipment that they may need.

Once complete, we endeavour to be there to support the client and their family on the day they move into their new home.

Where possible, we also visit clients to run through the end of the “Defect Period” to check they are happy with all the adaptations. Recently, Managing Director, Jonathan France visited a client at her home in Leeds which was purchased and was adapted for her following an accident on a motorbike that left her with a severe brain injury.

The home needed to have level access, ground floor accommodation and space for her family to live with. It also includes an outdoor therapy/exercise room for continued rehabilitation.

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