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The importance of carers accommodation when designing homes for those living with a disability.

We are a forward-thinking and enthusiastic registered architectural practice, and our expertise is in designing bespoke homes for individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Our talented design team have worked with many clients, their families, and their care teams to design and build accessible homes that allow individuals to live as independent a life as possible. We have designed homes for individuals who are living with disabilities, including spinal cord injury, brain injury and cerebral palsy.

Once we have been instructed, our team visit the client, their family and those who provide care to gain an in-depth understanding of exactly what is required from the home. In many cases where the individual requires a care team, or may do in the future, this design of a home will include the needs of live-in care teams and their accommodation requirements.

Projects with carers accommodation

Below are some examples of projects which include carers accommodation:

Our client, LR had significant accommodation needs. Following difficulties at birth, she suffered athetoid cerebral palsy and was left a quadriplegic with severe sensorial hearing loss and unable to speak or eat normally.

Her care involved two daytime carers and night-time carers, so accommodation space specifically for them was designed and included within the property. Due to the 24/7 care required, this accommodation included a bedroom, shower room and sitting room.

This project can be viewed here.

Our client, RM is a young woman living with cerebral palsy, keen to live an independent life and move into her own accommodation.

To support an independent life, our client has a team of carers, so work to this home included carers accommodation. Throughout the entire process, the client and her care team played a huge role in the overall design and requirements of the home.

On completion of the project, which can be viewed here, the clients mum said:

Bex’s 24/7 care team were also a big part of the process, and we all felt that their contribution was invaluable. They are an incredible team, and the house will be their home and workplace, so it’s nice to know that they are provided for too!”

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