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Adaptations that you can make to the home to make it more eco-friendly and reduce your household energy bills.

It has recently been reported that millions of families are expected to see their energy bills rise by up to £139 a year after Ofgem increased their price cap by 12%.

Those on prepayment meters are facing an even bigger increase of £153 a year.

For families living with disabilities, such as Pam and Mark Gleave (, who need constantly heated homes, life-saving equipment and tend to do more wash loads of clothes and specialist equipment; increased heating bills may lead to unnecessary stress, debt, and in some cases, worsened conditions.

We look at some of the adaptations you could make to a home that may help reduce your energy bills.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly alternative to gas boilers, that extract heat from the air, ground, or water, that is transferred by an electric compressor to heat your home.

In the Prime Ministers ‘Ten Point Plan’ to make the UK’s housing stock greener, warmer and more energy efficient, he has pledged to install 600,00 heat pumps every year by 2028.

You can read more about heat pimps here.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be added to your home to help reduce energy bills by helping you generate electricity. Whilst it is unlikely that you will source enough for all of your power requirements, you can expect to significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Double Glazing

Replacing your windows with double or triple glazing is a great way to insulate your home and lower your energy bills as it will reduce the amount of heat that is escaping from your home.


Insulating your home, right from your floor, walls and to your roof will mean that less warm air can escape from your house during winter, and less cold air can escape during summer, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling your home.

This is currently in the UK Headlines, as activists from ‘Insulate Britain’, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, have being protesting on the M25 as they want the government to retrofit homes across the UK to cut climate emissions. They are urging ministers to “fully fund and take responsibility for the insulation of all social housing in Britain by 2025”.

Smart Technology

A smart meter will help your family monitor how much energy you are using, and also gives you the option to heat rooms at different temperatures – ideal for those who need to live with an ambient temperature.

Smart lights are also a great addition to homes, which can be controlled remotely, or set to a schedule that turns them on and off automatically.

Green Roof

By adding a green roof to your home, you will see a reduction in your energy bills, as it will have a cooling and insulating effect on your property.


Our current project in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, involves designing and building a home that will be ultra-low energy and require little energy for heating or cooling, it also includes a green roof!


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