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We act as expert witnesses to provide accommodation reports for litigation purposes. Our reports address the current and future accommodation needs of those who have been injured as a result of an accident or medical negligence.

Our work involves assessing the accommodation requirements of people who have suffered life-changing injuries, such as spinal cord injury (SCI), acquired brain injury (ABI) and amputations. We receive instructions directly from solicitors acting on behalf of a claimant or defendant, and we are frequently instructed as a single joint expert. As an independent expert witness, governed by the Civil Procedure Rules, we are professionally obliged to give an impartial opinion to assist the Court.

Once instructed, we visit the claimant in their own home environment to assess all aspects of their disability needs and limitations. This includes speaking with close relatives and others who provide care in order to gain an in-depth understanding of any challenges which they are facing in their home. We will consider access in, around and outside the property, as well as live-in carers and their accommodation requirements. 

We carefully consider all available evidence contained in the medical, care and therapy reports in order to determine whether the claimant’s current property is suitable for their present and future needs, and what adaptations are required. Should their current home be unsuitable, we undertake research in the locality to establish what type of properties are available or might be suitable. This is all based on the recommendations provided by medical experts for care and therapy.

Following the above assessment and considerations, we will prepare a detailed accommodation report outlining the suitability of the existing property and if it is not suitable, the type of appropriate property the individual will require, along with purchase cost, cost of adaptations and any further associated costs. Our report is then disclosed to the instructing solicitor and our involvement will remain through the general litigation process of conference with counsel, joint meetings, and trial.


We are instructed by many of the UK’s leading injury law firms as Accommodation Experts.

Summary of services:

+      Instructed by the Claimant, Defendant or appointed as a Single Joint Expert

+      Home visit to meet with the Claimant and their family and/or carers

+      Consideration of all medical, care and therapy reports

+      Assessment of accommodation needs and requirements

+      Consideration of the suitability of the Claimant’s current home

+      Researching alternative suitable housing

+      Fully costed accommodation options

+      Preparation of Accommodation Report for disclosure as part of the compensation claim


For more information on how to instruct us, or for a confidential chat, please contact Jonathan France on 01484 960560 or email