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To celebrate International Women's Day, we’re celebrating the women in our office, who make a significant contribution, not only to France + Associates, but also to the architecture, design and construction community.

Historically, architecture has been a predominantly male dominated industry, and even in today’s world, there remains a higher number of registered male architects, compared to women.

In 2019 the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) published their 2018 report which identified that 74% of registered architects were male, with only 26% being female.

As with many professions there is the assumption that, at some point, a woman will leave a career to have children and then take on part-time hours to care for children, allowing their partners’ career to progress.

However, there has been a shift in recent years and a definite move towards developing a better balance between the genders in the profession. This shift has been fuelled by a higher number of female university applicants. 2019 saw the highest ever number of women in the UK apply to study architecture and related subjects at university, whilst applications from men fell.

Official data from admissions body UCAS showed 18,090 women had made applications for full-time architecture, building and planning undergraduate degrees, (an increase of 5%). The number of men applying fell from 23,560 in 2018 to 23,290 in 2019, meaning that an encouraging 44% of people looking to enter the profession in 2019 were women.

There has also been a shift in part-time and full-time work between the genders, with an increase in male architects working part time hours, whilst younger females are working full time. With the number of young females applying for the course increasing, there is a suggestion that this is as a result of them being at a stage in their life where career progression takes priority as opposed to the male-dominated older generation who are now approaching retirement age.*

At France + Associates, we are proud to have a strong team made up predominantly by women. In fact, MD Jonathan France is very much in the minority! Together, we help our clients get the most from the planning, design, architecture and building process.

Below, we introduce just a few of the female members of the France + Associates team.

Karen McGourtyBSC ACIAT Contract Administrator, Architectural Technologist.

Karen has over 10 years technical experience within the architectural industry, delivering and administering high quality projects from start to completion. She has experience of various size projects in commercial, education and residential sectors and is committed to ensuring all aspect of the projects are coordinated smoothly and run sufficiently between all parties involved and to the highest standard.

Amy HinesTCIAT Architectural Technician

Amy has over 14 years’ experience within the construction industry and brings a technical excellence to the team. Her keen eye for detail is brought into every aspect of work in planning, managing and detailing projects of various sizes and types.

She is committed to finding solutions to various complex technical challenges from working on projects in various sectors, including residential, commercial and ecclesiastical.

Danni Humphries- Undergrad Architectural Technician

Dannii started with France and Associates in January 2020 and is studying Architectural Technology at Huddersfield University.

With a nine-year medical background, serving in the Royal Air Force, Dannii brings with her, knowledge and experience working with acute and chronic medical issues. Having held additional roles, including, occupational health liaison, physiotherapy assistant and practice manager- all of which give her an understanding, of client’s requirements, within this new role.

Emma Ibbotson

Emma has recently joined France and Associates as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant, having completed her BA at Birmingham City University and her March studies at Sheffield Hallam University.

She has experience in a variety of sectors ranging from private bespoke residential projects, commercial buildings and a number of large residential schemes. Emma has worked in several practices in Sheffield and spent a year in Barbados, where she worked on several bespoke holiday homes as well as an all-inclusive Hotel renovation. Emma is keen to continue the journey to becoming an Architect through aiming to undertake her Part 3 studies at Huddersfield University.

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to raise the profile of women in the architecture and construction industry, whilst also highlighting the amazing career opportunities available.

*Source: ONS


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