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Compensation claims and house adaptations.

If you or a loved one have sustained a serious injury that has caused a permanent disability, you may need to adapt your current home, or even buy and adapt a new property.

Our adapted properties are designed specifically to support independent living and are also prepared for the potential future needs of a person living with a disability.

In this short article, we discuss how the cost of adapting a home is often covered as part of a personal injury or clinical negligence compensation claim.

Compensation Claims and House Adaptations

The term ‘compensation’ is a general term used for the monetary damages paid following an accident. These are divided into ‘general damages’; which cover pain, suffering and loss of amenity and ‘special damages’; which cover the financial effects of an accident or injury and include loss of earnings, expenses and house adaptations.

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation or an injury at birth, you will need to seek the advice of a specialist solicitor to support you through your claim.

In these kinds of cases, it is common for an injured person and their family to discover that their home is no longer a suitable place for them to live; which is why many personal injury and clinical negligence claims often include an amount of money, which will cover the cost of adapting your current home or help you purchase and adapt a new one.

Your solicitor and medical team will talk to you about the changes that would need to be made to your home (and in some cases, your workplace) to establish what is required to ensure that you or your loved one can live as independent a life as possible.

All property adaptations are considered on a case by case basis, and are designed to meet the injured person’s current and  future requirements. This includes any accommodation that may be needed for carers.

In some cases, extensions and adaptations such as widening doorways, adding wheelchair ramps and relocating bathrooms to the ground floor can be made to your current home, making it suitable for you to remain living there.e.However, often  it is necessary to move house to one that can be better adapted to meet your needs. Your solicitor will help you secure the cost of the move, the new home and the adaptations required, all as part of your claim. We regularly work with solicitors and clients to help source potential new homes, and to also assess whether the current homes of clients are suitable for adapting.

Who is involved in the process?

Following an accident or injury, if it is established that you will need an adapted home, we will look at what the medical experts, case manager, healthcare professionals and solicitor have to say about your accommodation needs in order to understand what type of living accommodation is required.

When adapting a home, we very much take a team approach to ensure the most suitable solution is found, and in every case the injured person is always at the heart of every decision about the design.

How to choose the right architect for an adapted home

Following a life changing accident or injury it is vital that a person has a comfortable and functional home to move into.

When choosing an architect to help you achieve this, check that they have experience within this specialist area and have carried out adaptations for clients with similar injuries.

Many architects will have a ‘Projects’ page, which showcases their previous work and will allow you to see their style and the kinds of adaptations they have made to homes.

House Adaptations

Examples of the kinds of adaptations that may be required following a serious or catastrophic injury that support independent living include:

·       Wheelchair Access

·       Lifts and Stair lifts

·       Hoists

·       Carers Annexe

·       Sensory Garden

·       Hydrotherapy Pool

·       Therapy Room

·       Level Access

·       Accessible Bathroom

·       Accessible Kitchen

At France + Associates, we are experts in inclusive design. We work closely with clients and their solicitors and healthcare professionals to provide solutions for those living with a life changing disability, enabling them through design.

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