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Innova Litigation Conference 2018.

Eagerly anticipated ever since Jonathan was asked to speak at the conference!

France and Associates had a fabulous day at the conference, which was held at Wetherby Race Courses. With the chance to discuss lots of our work and how we all work together in giving a better quality of life for those who have been born with disabilities or have disabilities as a result of medical negligence or a catastrophic injury.

Jonathan spoke on how important it is to have open communication between OT/Case Managers and the appointed architect, so the best result can be met for the client.

The knowledge that we took in about the equipment available for such clients was outstanding with the opportunity to view the equipment in working order, the extent of aids available to help with everyday life and the way they operate gives the client an amazing amount of freedom and the ability to move around the home like an able bodied individual.

The conference was fantastic and we can't wait to attend next year.

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