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  • Extending and adapting a home for a child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Extending and adapting a home for a child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

LR was a twin, and difficulties at birth in 2014 led to her suffering athetoid cerebral palsy. Her sister survived, but LR was left a quadriplegic with severe sensorial hearing loss and unable to speak or eat normally.

Vision and intellect was preserved. This project involved extending and adapting a newly purchased house to create a fully accessible home for LR and her large and loving family and older siblings.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
Adaptation + Extension
Key Build Features:
Carers accommodation
Smart tech
Therapy room
Wheelchair accessible


Our brief was to extend and adapt the newly purchased house to provide fully accessible living accommodation and a home that was future-proofed to meet any deterioration in the clients’ condition. At the time of the adaptations, she has retained her cognitive skills, but she had evolving scoliosis.

What we did

We had previously been asked to prepare suitability reports on two other properties before the family eventually purchased the large 1950’s house in Greater Manchester. With the new home purchased, we worked with the family to prepare architectural plans and costings for the adaptations.

LR had significant accommodation needs. She had two daytime carers and night-time carers who required accommodation space within the property. She had extensive items of equipment, including a specialist wheelchair and bed which needed storage space. She required physiotherapy in the home environment and given her cognitive skills, needed a sensory area to provide a learning zone within the home environment.

+       Suitability Reports

+       Architectural plans

+       Statutory consent for planning and building regulation approval

+       Contract Administrators

Accessiblity and other features

+       Carers accommodation – bedroom, shower room, kitchenette and sitting room

+       Therapy room

+       Specialist bedroom and bathroom – hoists installed and fully accessible

+       Smart technology – power assisted doors and Eye Gaze to allow client some control over her environment

+       Sensory area

+       Internal closed door through floor lift

+       Widened doors through the property

+       Level access throughout

+       Extension to accommodate the therapy and additional living space

+       New drive – including ramped and level access and additional parking

+       Garden – level access

+       Property future-proofed to allow for a hydrotherapy pool to be built

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