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  • Award winning adapted home for a severely visually impaired client.

Award winning adapted home for a severely visually impaired client.

Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) Awards [2018], 'Technical excellence in architectural technology' (runner-up of the Alan King Award))

KG was involved in a serious road traffic accident as a passenger at the age of 15, she became severely visually impaired as a result of her injuries and required a safe, adapted home for her and her family to live in.

This award-winning project involved extending and adapting a home that she had lived in since her accident as she had grown accustomed to the layout and intricacies of the dwelling. At times, she is able to see flashes of light or colours, therefore we needed a design that maximised the use of natural light.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
Adaptation + Extension
Key Build Features:
Smart tech


We were asked by our client to review the design and ‘buildability’ of a project prepared by a previous architect.

The review resulted in us making extensive changes to the design, and we also ensuring that the client secured several legislative permissions to enable the dwelling to be constructed. This involved us managing the revised planning consent process and complex construction drawing provisions for the building contractor. 

The site itself presented a challenge due to the limited access and narrow site along with a substantial change in elevation from the front and rear of the property located on a very narrow lane.

Part way through the project the client became pregnant with her first child, we therefore had to change the design part way through to incorporate a nursery.

What we did

The house required significant extensions, the majority of which was required on the lower ground floor, which was level with the private garden at the rear, but below ground at the front of the property. The property was also dark due to the proximity of the detached dwelling to neighbouring homes, with compromised bedroom sizes due to the constrained with of the building.

  • Party Wall Agreements put in place
  • Legal Agreements managed with Water Authorities
  • Comprehensive Construction designs

Accessibility and other features

  • 3 storey extension
  • Conversion of an outbuilding into a therapy room to allow the client to launch her new business as a beauty therapist
  • Contemporary, modern design throughout the new dwelling
  • Friendly, well-lit living areas and family room the focal point of the dwelling
  • Smart technology used for access, high security and convenience

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