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Understanding what can be achieved from a property through inclusive design is important when you are considering purchasing a new house or looking to adapt an existing home.

We assist litigation solicitors and Deputies who are supporting clients with their house-hunting. Once a potential property has been identified, we prepare a detailed Suitability Report that considers the adaptations needed to building, as well as any risk related to planning and other statutory considerations.

Our Suitability Reports can be as complex and detailed as required. They can be a simple letter outlining key points, with no drawing or cost plan material enclosed. Conversely, we can produce in-depth Feasibility Report that include plans that are fully costed. This information is intended for any prospective buyer to be fully aware of all associated risk and potential for a sound investment.

A Feasibility Report shows how a property could be adapted to provide a comfortable, practical and secure home with the ideal features and adaptations for your client.

Created in line with design guidance, your report will include information, drawings and sometimes 3D models to show how a building will look and work, inside and out. Your feasibility report helps you, your client and their family and other advisers (such as occupational therapists or physiotherapists), to visualise and discuss how the design could work.

Following those discussions, we can amend the drawings and models to reflect any new ideas or decisions enabling the client and their team to agree on the ideal design and take the next step in the process. 


Our extensive experience means we can also identify any potential long-term problems and propose cost-effective solutions as part of the adaptation process. By anticipating problems before they happen, we can save you much larger maintenance and repair bills further down the line or assist in avoiding purchasing a problematic property.

Summary of services:

+      Instructed by the Claimant directly or via their solicitor

+      Visit the house to assess the property

+      Understand from the Claimant, their family, carers and advisors what needs to be achieved from the property

+       Planning considerations for the property

+      Architectural drawings, plans and 3D models

+      Costs associated with implementing the inclusive design

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