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On ‘World Toilet Day’ we discuss the features to consider when designing and installing an accessible bathroom into a home.

What are accessible bathrooms?

Accessible bathrooms are specifically designed for individual’s living with a disability, they include specialist features and equipment that enable people to bathe as independently and safely as possible.

Below, we look at some of the key features to consider when including an accessible bathroom into the design of a home.

  • Non-slip flooring – a crucial part of any accessible bathroom is ensuring the floor is non-slip to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Flooring is also chosen to enable wheelchairs, walkers and canes to safely move around them even when wet.

  • Walk-in baths – for those with reduced mobility, a walk-in bath with a watertight door, grab rails and non-slip flooring allow a person to independently bathe without risk or falling as they step in and out of the bath.
  • Walk-in shower – with safety rails and level access flooring for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility.
  • Wet room – a wet room with level access flooring throughout allows those with mobility issues and wheelchair users to freely move around the space. The space in a wet room also makes them a great option for individuals and children who require a carer to help them with day-to-day tasks such as bathing and cleaning.

  • Accessible toilets – assisted toilets enable independence and privacy in the toilet. Toilets with raising and lowering options are available, along with strengthened seats to allow the safe transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet seat. Shower toilets, which combine a toilet, bidet and warm air drying also make it possible for people with limited mobility to use the toilet in privacy.

  • Hoists – hoists are an essential addition to accessible bathrooms. A person can be lifted and moved around the room safely to assist with bathing.

Temporary Accessible bathrooms

In many cases, clients may need to stay in their current home if a new home is being built or adapted, or they move into temporary accommodation whilst their existing home is adapted to accommodate their needs.

In these circumstances, alternative accessible bathroom solutions need to be found in the interim.

WashPods are a quick and cost-effective option, that can be quickly installed into a home with minimal disruption. Their features include an accessible shower, sink and toilet. External units also include underfloor heating, and where needed, hoists can be included to enable transferring.

Temporary solutions such as WashPods, also facilitate a quicker discharge from hospital following an accident or injury, meaning a person can return to their own home sooner to start their recovery and rehabilitation.

Accessible bathrooms in public spaces

As previously discussed, there are a ¼ of a million people in the UK who are unable to safely use a standard accessible toilet. Recently, in response to the ‘Changing Places’ campaign, the Government announced two new developments. Theses are that large accessible toilets for those living with a disability are now mandatory in new, large public buildings in England and that shopping centres, supermarkets, sports and arts venues will be required to have at least one ‘Changing Place’, including facilities such as hoists, changing benches and space for carers to assist.

You can read more about the Changing Places campaign here.


At France+Associates, we have vast experience of designing and installing accessible bathrooms into homes for those living with disabilities.

The accessible bathrooms that we include remove barriers and promote independence, without compromising on style.

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