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  • Adapting a home for Isaac, who suffered a brain injury at birth and lives with cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment and autism.
Adapting a home for Isaac, who suffered a brain injury at birth and lives with cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment and autism.

Isaac suffered a brain injury at birth in July 2011, and lives with cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment and autism. He requires ongoing support and therapeutic intervention to help his development. In 2019, the family found a dormer bungalow, close to their current home, friends and family that was suitable for adaptation and got in touch for our help.

Having got planning permission, work has now begun on-site to turn the plans into reality and create a beautiful and accessible home for Isaac. In March 2021 we spoke to Isaac’s mum, Rachel, about their new accessible home, its features and adaptations, and the freedom and independence that it will give to Isaac throughout his life.

Adapting a home for Isaac

Isaac, his parents, brother, and sister, are currently living in a small terraced house in Bingley whilst the adaptations to their new home are completed. Although the terraced house isn’t properly adapted for Isaac’s needs, the family have been able to make small alterations to improve accessibility, such as installing a chair lift.

Work on the adaptations to their new home began in January 2021, and as you would expect, the family are all very excited to move in once they are complete.  Not only will Isaac have a great new accessible space to live and his own therapy room, like any 9-year-old boy, he is also excited to explore his new large garden which will be carefully landscaped and a safe area for him to play.

If all goes to plan, the family will be able to move into their new home in December 2021.

An accessible home and garden

As well as adaptations inside the home to make it fully accessible, Rachel is looking forward to having a secure property with electric gates. In the new home, situated only 5 minutes away from their current house, friends and neighbours, Isaac will be able to access the safe garden directly from his own bedroom. Knowing that he can play out safely and independently brings enormous peace of mind to his parents.

The access in and around the home will enable Isaac to live as independently as possible. He will be able to bathe himself in his en-suite wet-room and even help-out in the kitchen, where there will be height adjustable worktops.

Design process

It can often be a hard slog for families to find a suitable property for adaptation and in the right location, but luckily in 2019 the family found a dormer bungalow that they thought could be perfect.

France and Associates were instructed by Isaac’s solicitors, Irwin Mitchell, to assess the property for it’s suitability, and to design an accessible home for Isaac that could meet his current and future accommodation needs.

Throughout the project, we are working closely with Isaac, his family, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and Deputy to ensure that every aspect of his accommodation needs is covered in the design. The design includes excellent access in and around the property, a dedicated therapy room with specialist equipment, and live-in carers accommodation.

Even at just 9 years old, Isaac has been involved right from the start, and is particularly excited about choosing the décor for his new bedroom!

Key accessible features

Isaac lives with cerebral palsy, a degree of cognitive impairment and autism, and requires physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy sessions on a weekly basis.

He currently has weekly therapy sessions both at home and in school and because both therapy spaces are not ideal, he is finding it difficult to fully engage and concentrate in the sessions.

In the new home, there is going to be a designated therapy room, which will be a separate space with specialist equipment for Isaac’s treatments. Allowing Isaac to engage in in his therapy without distraction.

Carers Accommodation

Eventually, when Isaac is old enough, he will live independently in the home, so a major consideration for the France and Associates team was to ensure the property is ‘future-proofed’ to accommodate all his possible future needs. This includes live-in carers accommodation with a small kitchenette close to Isaac’s bedroom, widened doors and hallways for a wheelchair and strengthen ceilings infrastructure for future ceiling hoist systems.

A chairlift to the first floor could also be included later if required, to give Isaac full access to the entire home.

You can view the project here.


“The France and Associates team are so approachable and incredibly easy to get along with. We can readily contact them with any queries, and they are always happy to talk these through with us, and act as a point of contact between us and the Deputy on matters relating to the house.

Amy is our main point of contact. Her expertise and knowledge has been invaluable to us and we have great faith in her as the building project progresses through to completion. As a family, we are fully involved with all the plans and we feel able to make design suggestions and requests that will ensure the home is perfect for us all, but most importantly, for Isaac. We love visiting the site to see how the house is progressing and cannot wait to move in!”
Rachel – Isaac’s Mum

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