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  • Adapting a home for a child who suffered a brain injury at birth and as a result, lives with cerebral palsy.

Adapting a home for a child who suffered a brain injury at birth and as a result, lives with cerebral palsy.

Our client, Isaac, suffered a brain injury at birth in July 2011 and as a result, he now lives with cerebral palsy, a degree of cognitive impairment and autism. He requires ongoing support and therapeutic intervention, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy on a weekly basis to support his health and welfare as well as promoting his learning, development, and independence.

Isaacs accommodation was required to suit his and his family's needs, and the family have been searching for the right property for some time. In late 2018 they found a house that was in the right location, near to family. This was key to Isaac and his family as it means they can maintain a degree of normality, by relying on their network of friends, family, and general support to provide the best possible care for Isaac.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
In Progress
Key Build Features:
Carers accommodation
Therapy room
Wheelchair accessible


The project will involve the demolition of the existing garage and constructing a new single storey extension, which will include carer's accommodation along with a specialist bedroom and bathroom for Isaac. A further single storey extension is to be constructed to the rear, to provide a spacious lounge area for the whole family.

The existing property will be renovated and adapted to allow Isaac full access of the ground floor. The first floor will be renovated and will include Isaac's parent's bedroom, en-suite and office. There will also be extensive works to the exterior of the property to ensure Isaac has full access to the property and the garden. 

  • Single level accommodation, with level access in and around the home
  • Specialist bedroom and en-suite wet room
  • Therapy Room
  • Enough provision of bedrooms for immediate family (4 bedrooms for Isaacs siblings and his parents)
  • Carers accommodation with a small kitchenette area close by

What we did

  • Building appraisal report
  • Feasibility study 
  • Planning consent
  • Tender preparation
  • Building regulations approval
  • Construction drawings
  • Contract administration

Accessibility and other features

  • Therapy Room
  • Specialist Bathroom
  • Carer's Accommodation


Specialist Equipment supplied by Innova Care Concepts
Contractor - Barker Construction
Occupational Therapist - Hannah Long



“The France and Associates team are so approachable and incredibly easy to get along with. We can readily contact them with any queries, and they are always happy to talk these through with us, and act as a point of contact between us and the Deputy on matters relating to the house.

Amy is our main point of contact. Her expertise and knowledge has been invaluable to us and we have great faith in her as the building project progresses through to completion. As a family, we are fully involved with all the plans and we feel able to make design suggestions and requests that will ensure the home is perfect for us all, but most importantly, for Isaac. We love visiting the site to see how the house is progressing and cannot wait to move in!”
Rachel – Isaac’s Mum

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