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The role of a Case Manager.

Guest blog by Liz Lambert from Louise Denzel Case Management Ltd.

Case management is a collaborative process, that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individual’s health and wellbeing, education and/or occupational needs, using communication and available resources to promote quality, cost effective and safe outcomes. BABICM

That’s the official version and in reality, that is what it consists of plus a lot more besides!

By background I am a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. I work in this role as well as being an adult and children’s Case Manager and expert witness.

I love the variety the roles give me and am super organised by nature, so it suits me well. My training as an OT gives me many transferable skills and I really feel like I can use these in my role.

Case Study – Young Boy with Cerebral Palsy

I have known J and his mother for several years. In the early days, my role was to carry out an Immediate Needs Report or INA to understand the background and what J’s and his families aims were.

Over time I worked with the family to identify that J needed access to private therapists including Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy. This was put into place and closely monitored to ensure progress was being made. In my role I also liaised with J’s school to ensure he was able to access a full curriculum. It was apparent that he needed additional support in school and so I organised for one-to-one care to be put in place both at school and at home.

J has many complex medical issues, and it was my role to liaise with the NHS and to fill any gaps with private services.

As he grew older and larger! He needed equipment such as specialist wheelchairs and a wheelchair accessible van. It was my role to ensure J got everything he required and to ensure these are fully justified. It really is a team approach. 

Housing was a big issue for the family, and I spent time visiting potential properties and liaising with Architects and local statutory services. We are currently work towards the family’s dream home with hydrotherapy pool.

This project is currently in progress and can be viewed here.

The role of a Case Manager

As a Case Manager you need to have a grasp on everything that is happening for that individual, and ensure the team are all working towards the clients and family’s goals. Regular meetings are held to ensure things are going as planned.

Much of the role can be recruiting carers and ensuring they are well trained and supported.

The role is as vast as it is rewarding. There are ups and downs for clients along the way and you really get to know people well and feel sometimes like a part of the family!

Case Managers for Children and Young People

Case Managers who work with clients particularly children, young people and their families have vast experience and understanding of the particular issues that affect this group of individuals. We need to recognise that children and young people are vulnerable and require strong advocates to support them. Assisting the child or young person to maximise their potential is of paramount importance to me. I work closely with the client's family to achieve the best outcomes, whatever they may be.

I need to have an understanding of the individual’s health and social needs and use my communication skills to grasp the dynamics involved quickly. There is a need to establish a rapport quickly to ensure I can promote a child's development and enable them as much independence as possible.  

A thorough understanding of the educational system is also required to ensure I can help the children and young people I work with to get the most from their education.

No two days are ever the same and I have realised over the 10 years I have been doing this that I can really help, and it is a joy to watch a client enter their newly adapted home or receive a wheelchair that allows them to explore their environment. I am constantly learning!

Louise Denzel Case Management

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