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  • Adapted home for a client living with a severe brain injury following an accident work.

Adapted home for a client living with a severe brain injury following an accident work.

Our client was left severely brain injured following an accident at work. Wheelchair bound, with severe mobility and communication difficulties, we helped to find and adapt a new home in Scotland.

Our client and his wife are highly independent, with a strong sense of the look and feel of the house that they wanted. We needed to ensure that the house satisfied our client's considerable accommodation requirements but at the same time the design needed to reflect their rustic tastes.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
Adaptation + Extension
Key Build Features:
Carers accommodation
Sensory garden
Wheelchair accessible

Our client and his wife had always wanted to live in Scotland, and following the accident, relocated there and have spent the last few years managing in unsuitable accommodation (a one bed studio apartment).

What we did

We assisted with the property search which included canvassing properties on a particular street to see if homeowners were willing to sell.

A 4-bedroom detached property, suitable for extension was purchased and we drew up plans to convert the ground floor lounge into a large bedroom and turn an already existing rear extension sitting room into a wet room (with hoists throughout).

To compensate for the shortfall in living space, the property was further extended. Carers accommodation comprised a sitting room and office on the ground, with the spare upstairs bedrooms being available in the future should the carers require overnight accommodation.  The entire house was rewired, a new heating system installed, and a new en suite bathroom created for our clients wife.

The garden was landscaped, and the patio and plant beds were raised to ensure they were wheelchair friendly. We added a greenhouse and new lawn, all ready for the garden-loving couple. Our work involved:

+       Property search

+       Feasibility reports

+       Suitability reports

+       Architectural plans

+       Planning permission applications

+       Contract management

Accessibility Features

+       Inclusive design

+       Hoists in bedroom and wet room

+       Accessible garden

+       Fully reconfigured for access throughout the ground floor

+       Carers accommodation

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