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  • Adapting and extending a home for a child who lives with cerebral palsy.

Adapting and extending a home for a child who lives with cerebral palsy.

Our client, Elan is an enthusiastic 11-year-old, who is not short of confidence and proudly showed the F+A team around her home and described in immense detail, the type of home she would like to have once adapted. She is dependent on a wheelchair or K-walker to mobilise internally and externally and requires a fully accessible modern family home.

Elan wants a home that allows her to be fully independent, she also wants to be able to see the surrounding, beautiful views from all aspects of the house, especially her beloved horse in their stables.

The property is also within an International Dark Sky Reserve area, so Elan can enjoy stargazing, which is very important to her.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
In Progress
Key Build Features:
Single Storey
Therapy room
Two Storey
Wheelchair accessible


The two attached residences sit side-by-side and are situated in picturesque rural surroundings. The property in general enjoys spectacular views over Bala Lake and the surrounding countryside, however both properties have limited connection to the expansive valley views and have separate entrances, sit on different floor levels, with limited accessibility. The adjoining property that is presently not lived in is also in a state of disrepair. The present area of the home that the family currently reside in has already been extended on a number of occasions and suffers from a state of being “disjointed”, with certain areas underutilised. Parts of the original home date back to the 18th century and even older!

France + Associates have been asked to convert both properties into one family home, where Elan will have access throughout and her own independence. The property alterations will also address the connection with home and the outside with expansive windows provided to “bring the outside in”.

The property lies in within the Snowdonia National Park and will therefore be subject to stringent planning conditions and requirements for any proposed extensions.

What we did/plan to do

  • Feasibility sketches
  • Work out the logistics of merging the two properties, with different floor levels, whilst maintaining accessibility throughout (lift and ramps), careful consideration on minimising “lost space” to circulation areas
  • Submitted a planning application for the adaptations and extension to the two properties to provide one large family home (still to be completed)
  • Construction drawings with contractors sought to negotiate a price to adapt, extend and renovate
  • Once started onsite, F+A will supervise the quality of the building works and will act as Contract Administrators until the property is complete 

Accessibility and other features

  • Bedroom and En suite bathroom to be on the first floor like the rest of her family
  • Specialist bathroom with Hydraulic Bath and seated shower
  • Therapy Room for Elan for physio and to practice her horse training
  • Hydrotherapy Pool – Swim Spa for Physiotherapy
  • Ramp for level access for Elan’s side of the house to her families on the first floor
  • Lift, allowing access to all floor levels
  • Ample storage for wheelchairs and equipment
  • Accessible “boot room” for equestrian requirements
  • A star gazing corner – the property lies within Snowdonia National Park which was named an “International Dark Sky Reserve” in 2015 – the 10th such place in the world 


Thank you very much for your email on Friday. We are blown away with your vision!! In Elan’s words “did they climb into my head and see what I see” and we feel the same! 

We think the plans are fantastic. We spent time over the weekend walking through the plans and feel it will work really well for Elan.  It works brilliantly for the current time of Elan growing up in the house and also provides good independence as she gets older.”Ceris (Elans Mum)



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