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  • Extending and adapting a home for a child left severely disabled following an injury at birth.

Extending and adapting a home for a child left severely disabled following an injury at birth.

YK suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, profound and multiple disabilities (PMLD) and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) following a negligent delivery at birth.

Wheelchair dependent and reliant on family members and carers for all personal care, this project involves extending and adapting an existing property to create a fully accessible home for YK and his family.

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Project Specifications
Inclusive Design
In Progress
Key Build Features:


Our brief is to extend and adapt the property from a bungalow to a two-story dwelling, to provide fully accessible living accommodation for YK and his family.

The plan includes:

+    Adding a loft conversion to the current property, including the removal of the existing roof and providing gables to each end of the dewlling.

+    Front gable extension to accommodate new staircase and enlarge specialist bathroom and bedroom.

+    Flat roof rear extension to provide a Hydrotherapy Pool and Therapy Room.

Accessibility Features

+    Carers Accommodation

+    Hydrotherapy Pool

+    Therapy Room

+    Sensory Garden and soft play area over a complicated three-tiered garden (designed by Rob Hardy & Co).

+    Wheelchair Accessible

+    Specialist Bedroom

+    Specialist Bathroom

We have used 3D architectural visualisation to provide a realistic representation of how the property will look once the build is complete.

The videos can be viewed below:

Proposed Interior

Proposed Living Area

Client's Bedroom

Therapy Room

Sensory Garden


The photo realistic images and the video walk through created are as if we are stood outside the property. It has made it so much easier to understand and see what is going to happen to our home”.  

Really grateful that we’ve been listened to so carefully, with all our concerns answered and all our wishes met.” 

 “Emma has listened so intently and has been very patient to show us each area of our home. The design is fantastic, and each room and area of the home has been thought about in great detail  


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